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Non-Destructive Paint Stripping and Degreasing
Redi-Strip Metal Cleaning offers the most complete paint removal process in the industry without pitting or warping. Each steel part is completely submerged in our hot caustic bath ensuring contact with hidden areas such as seams, rolled edges and boxed channels.

Aluminum parts and pot metal castings are stripped in our cold bath.  These parts must be kept separate from steel body products.  (ID tags must be removed)

Pressure Washing
All parts are individually pressure-washed with filtered water after every dip process. Special attention to seams ensures that the part is truly free of contaminates.

Non-Destructive Rust Removal
After steel parts are free of paint, grease, dirt and undercoating, only the rust remains to be removed. Our non-destructive electrolytic derusting bath removes the rust from wherever the solution touches. Because the part is fully immersed in the bath every inch is cleaned.  Fissures and cracks that were not previously detected are now exposed and the affected areas are ready for repair.

Zinc-Phosphating (Optional)
For superior paint adhesion and underpaint corrosion protection, our microcrystalline zinc-phosphating bath is the perfect complement to your newly cleaned steel part.  The bath converts the steel surface into an electrically non-conductive, crystalline coating. This provides a much stronger surface for paint and insulates the steel from underpaint corrosion. Because the part is fully immersed, the solution gets into hard-to-reach areas, further enhancing corrosion protection. Acid etching primers are not recommended for zinc-phosphate coatings. As a value-added service, Redi-Strip offers a spray applied iron-phosphate coating that provides excellent results.


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